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Along with the platypus, echidnas are the only mammals in the world that lay eggs! When the lizard is alarmed or angry, it raises its frill, making itself look big and scary! It inhabits grasslands, where it builds large tunnel systems. The snow leopard lives in mountainous habitat in Central and South Asia. Kangaroos are marsupials found in Australia.

Butterfly, canadian tiger swallowtail. All three species of cassowary are found in new guinea, but only the southern cassowary is found in Australia. Hi, love the website but where are the arctic wolves at?

South American meadowlark unidentified. Mollusks are members of Mollusca, a group of invertebrates that also includes snails and slugs. The polar bear is the joint-largest bear, being a similar size to the Kodiak bear a subspecies of brown bear. The olive ridley sea turtle is a pale green turtle with a heart-shaped shell. This well-known Australian marsupial lives in eucalyptus trees and spends most of its life asleep.

Wild flowers and sky picture. The jaguarundi is a wild cat found throughout much of South America and as far north as Texas in the United States it has also been sighted in Florida. White wild chrysanthemum picture. Three highdefinition pictures of the wild chrysanthemum under the sun.

The fearsome Nile crocodile is the largest reptile in Africa, and the second largest reptile in the world. It is found in every country in South America apart from Chile. Bald eagles are most often found near rivers, lakes, and coasts.

Wild animal picture

This long-nosed primate lives on the island of Borneo. They live in Australia and New Guinea. Squirrel, golden-mantled ground.

Regards, The Active Wild team. The aardvark is an African mammal. Belugas are marine mammals in the order Cetacea.

Hippos are large, semiaquatic mammals. Bandicoots are small to medium-sized marsupials. Cyrtodactylus louisiadensis. The Okapi is an elusive mammal that inhabits the rainforests of central Africa.

Lesser double-collared sunbird. It is able to hunt using electricity, and males have venomous spurs on their ankles.

Most sea otters are found in alaska, although they are found elsewhere. The redback spider is a venomous spider that is mainly found in Australia. The Quoll is a carnivorous marsupial. Melanerpes erythrocephalus.

Sunbird, lesser double-collared. They are members of the Macropodidae family, which also includes wallaroos and wallabies. Thank you for your suggestion!

They live in south west mainland Australia and on islands off the coast of Western Australia. Common Name s Genus Species.

Wild animal picture

The rusty patched bumble bee is a species of bumble bee found in North America. Caribou are large mammals that live in Arctic and subarctic regions all around the world. There are six different species of caiman. Bald eagles are the only eagles unique to North America. Cereopsis novaehollandiae.

The red kangaroo is the largest marsupial. Burmese brown mountain tortoise. Kookaburras are members of the Tree Kingfisher family.

Wild animal picture

The other members of this group are the lion, tiger, jaguar and snow leopard. The narwhal is a member of the Monodontidae family of toothed whales. They are instantly recognizable due to their distinctive black and white striped coats.

Ground monitor unidentified Varanus sp. The yellow-eyed penguin is an endangered penguin found in New Zealand.

The species is endangered. Considered by some to be even more dangerous than the great white shark, the tiger shark is an deadly ocean predator.

Tortoise, burmese brown mountain. Lemmings are small rodents that live in the Arctic tundra.

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The vervet monkey is a primate found in southern and eastern Africa. Hymenolaimus malacorhynchus. It was introduced in several other parts of the world because it eats insects that are harmful to crops.

Wild animal picture

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Felis wiedi or Leopardus weidi. It is found in India and other Southeast Asian countries. The polar bear lives in the Arctic. The platypus is an egg-laying mammal that looks like a cross between a duck and a beaver. The snowshoe hare is a large, age calculator by birthday forest-dwelling hare that is found in North America.