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Does the Internet increase, decrease, or supplement social capital? Erozja gleb i jej zapobieganie, Wyd.

Alegerile locale prin ochii societatii civile, Institutul Ovidiu Sincai, Bucuresti. Assessment of soil losses by ephemeral gully erosion using highalitude stereo aerial photographs.

The Internet and Democratic Citizenship. The participation of citizens in civic or political activities has been a constitutive element of democracy since ancient times.

The influence of long-term cultivation on soil properties and patterns in an undulating terrain in Poland. How does the Internet affect social capital? Linked or divided by the web?

Klasyfikacja form drogowych na obszarach lessowych. Alegerile locale prin ochii societatii civile, I.

Preaching to the Converted? Anthropogenic soil erosion since the Neolithic in Poland.

Which public goods are endangered? Issues in social Research on the Internet, C. Institutul pentru Politici Publice.

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The value of a physically based model versus an empirical approach in the prediction of ephemeral gully erosion for loess-derived soils. Issues of Theory and Practice, liam payne dating quiz K. Engendering or endangering democracy? The Interest Group Society.

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How is the Internet used in the civic life during the non-electoral periods in Romania? The Internet in Context, P. Building an Architecture of Participation? Democracy in the Information Age, C.

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Strengths and vulnerabilities of networked politics. How Cyberadvocacy is Changing the Political Landscape. An Exploratory Analysis of the U. Parties, Election Campaigning, and the Internet. Virtual Parties in a Virtual World.

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Hillslope procces-response models based on the continuity equation. Politics as usual, or politics unusual? Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Local downpours and their erosional effects.

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Citizens, Voters and Activists, S. Any discussion of participation needs to acknowledge the space within which the citizens engage.