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Has anyone had this happen? This can be useful if you need to check on a rule of racing or consult this reference wiki.

There was a recent patch, this is probably causing the issues. Please give some consideration if there is time for making adjustments to the game. You can download it for free right here.

Manual installation is required and instructions are provided however no further support is provided. After closing the menu, the game continues as if you still have the button pressed. You will be able to adjust the sensibility of the pad, as well as the tapping speed. See the above-mentioned table for detail as to why this is recommended. The whole internet just became print friendly.

Is the patch out there somewhere for the water whiteneing I think I also pushed esc and it never came back? Some users have provided modifications that alter the language used in the game's user interface. There are two broad classes of game modification.

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Can we add new boats in the free version? Of course you will need an internet connection for online racing and kbps is probably the slowest you might get away with.

Nadeo has provided the opportunity for you to try before you buy. Of course there are dozens, if not hundreds, more bugs than this short list. Use an administrator account to launch the game. This is very much a matter of personal preference.

Then it didnt work with Windows Vista without downloading something else. The more you play, the longer the screen will be, but at the end the game stays free.

The optimum screen resolution is suggested based on your computer's display and video card. Yes, I would recommend this to a friend Fantastic new graphics engine brings every drop to life. Such cases of password loss are more common than ever.

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Personally I think the graphics are poor and I dont know how to improve the competition standard as I believe it is very poor leward boat tacking into windward boat. So now they are giving away the whole game, not a demo version, for free? Many important camera angle and sail trim controls are bound by default to the numpad keys.

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Burn all your media to the latest and most popular disc formats. Also, what is the good upwind sailing angle for the offshore boat? Feel free to use these as an alternative default subject to your further customization. Dear Alinoa, Hylis and Nadeo At vsk-aus. This version allows you to discover all the features of the game and play as much as you want.

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If you have pressed the Enter key then you'll find that the chat input box is active. Its not so bad, but it does depend, as in real life on the players - there are some few serious tossers but in general mostly nice non penalty hunting, no penalty cancel, fair sailing players. How can i have all the new boats? The Free version comes with a waiting screen when you launch the game. More often than not some misbehavior of the logical key state creeps in when you are using AutoHotkey.

The game is best enjoyed in full screen mode. There are still some things blocked like the editor, which would allow for additions of new classes of yachts. No need to monkey with anything else yourself until you feel like trying your hand at making skins. Select Settings then Inputs.

Yeah, I had the same question. Key bindings are adjusted after the game has launched. There are many clubs you can also join and have better racing almost every day of the week. Theres a lot i wish was different, mostly in specifics of boat handling and sail trim etc.

Most of my water is white also. Feel free to expand this section or create a dedicated article if you have more to share on this subject. One event that may cause this is by opening the map or the menu whilst turning the camera.

All the subfolders that the installers and stuff refer to within the game folder do not exist. If you have experience with one of the language modifications then please write about it here in either english or your native language. In the melges rubbing is racing, but this is the ethos of this class.

Last time i paid for virtual skipper, i ended up buying four and then losing the multiplayer crowd as five showed up a month later. While that box is active it makes sense that none of the key presses that would normally control rudder, sail trim, camera angle, protest, video english songs with lyrics etc. The fleet racing in solo mode would be cool.