Trick Photography & Special Effects 2nd Edition

Open Preview See a Problem? Waterfalls are a classic example, but this also applies to skies and trees moving in the wind. All images have been used with permission or are protected by a Creative Commons License. How to transform any regular landscape shot into a surreal colorful dream-world using infrared photography and color post-processing techniques.

Many of the images link to sources of further information about the techniques and the artists so you can learn more about them. Dozens and dozens of light painting ideas with descriptions and examples of each. Just go to the store and get whatever feels right.

It takes all of the guesswork out of the process, and you can watch the video lessons over and over until you have the skills down pat. Great things that will save you trouble and give you a jump start. The author dedicated the whole chapters and intros for every effect or technique for you to fully understand. This module covers everything you need to know on capturing those beautiful illuminated long exposure photos you have been dreaming about.

By this time tomorrow, you'll be a better photographer. Taking long exposures of star trails and lightning is also covered. Download and learn how to be a creative photographer with complete instructional guide.

Trouble is, the ranks of highly paid professionals out there don't like to share. It comes with pages of instruction and contains over creative photographs created by some of the most talented photographic artists around the world.

The best Trick of Photos that will take you to the next level. Tripod is a must have when you are working with trick photography because many of the tricks require that the camera remains in the exact same location when taking a series of photos. While some of the tricks and techniques would certainly be considered advanced, lightning storm sound effect there are taught in a way that makes them accessible even to those with limited experience behind the camera. Besides the slow shutter speed effects there is a whole chapter dedicated to fast shutter speed photography. Infra red photography is also described in details.

Go grab a credit card, and hit the Add To Cart button below. Breath taking reading experience! With pages of information, it is very detailed and includes extensive explanations of many complicated techniques that are very fun to learn. Once you see all of the things you can do with your digital camera you will never look at it the same way again.

How to freeze motion trick

For example how to take a picture of a person hovering in the air. And I did it, through necessity. Another great thing about this guide is that each effect is taught separately, so you are free to learn the ones that interest you and ignore the rest.

These are essential settings that every photographer must know how to use before starting. Attila Kun Attila is the founder and editor-in-chief of Exposure Guide.

Trick photography and special effects - Evan Sharboneau

An in-depth tutorial on how you can use steel wool to capture amazing long exposures of sparks flying at high-speeds is also included. Besides driving all around the continent and taking car shots, he enjoys action photography and has been a part of many sporting events in Europe. Evan Sharboneau is not an authorized agent or representative of Click Sales, Inc. If you're still reading and haven't jumped on this crazy bargain yet, there's something pretty important you should know.

This is extremely useful for capturing what your eye actually sees. It is easy to follow and the tools are simple to use. There is no implied sponsorship, affiliation, certification, approval, or endorsement if we use one of these terms. There is nothing that needs to be shipped.

Long Exposure Effects Click to enlarge. Photoshop Projects -This module is filled with Photoshop-oriented projects.

There is nothing like watching someone perform the skill right in front of you. Bottom line, if you're a real shutterbug, or even if you just a have a passing interest, this amazing guide will show you how to take killer shots like the ones on this page.

And eventually, I was getting so many people asking me how I did all this stuff, that I put together a simple guide revealing everything. Some of the techniques are open ended, meaning you can use them in any number of ways to achieve a variety of different results.

In this module you will learn

The video lessons cover every detail of the advanced methods being taught, and show readers exactly how to duplicate the impressive results achieved in the sample images. In the beginning you are being introduced to necessary equipment, like camera, tripod and Photoshop. In one direction you'll close this page, probably forget you ever saw it, keep taking those same old mundane pictures, and wishing you could do better.

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Next Photoshop vs Lightroom vs Freeware. And I don't know about you, but I don't have thousands of dollars to throw at new cameras, lights, and to enroll in courses. When I say fast I mean fast like capturing the bullet going through the lightning bowl or capturing the water balloon disintegrating. In this way you can use them for inspiration, and play around with different applications of each principle. You will know when to upgrade to a better camera when the time comes.

The course is broken into three modules, and includes a page eBook with illustrations as well as nine hours of instructional videos that demonstrate each technique in detail. The text and the way of writing is simple but yet consistent and full of important information. If you would like to learn how to use your camera in such a way that captures images that stand out against the crowd, keep reading this page. There are also tips and advices on how to capture lightning most effectively or how to shoot stars and star trails. And things change for you right away.

In Trick Photography and Special Effects, you're going to be shown my hardcore, best kept secrets for taking spectacular photos that have to be seen to be believed. Stunning Special Effects Click to enlarge. How to take long exposure photographs during the day with the use of special filters.

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