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It is not just tamizh compositions that you tackle. And it has been a stalemate. Imposing a minority idiolectal pattern on a standard database is not a good idea. And it was so even in Sangam times!

Please do join in and enlighten us whenever you can. You were born in the Elandha forest right? At the risk of sounding a bit sanctimonious, I'd like to put in a strong word for a proper transliteration of Tamil. Still, I want to know one thing now.

Again, most of them from sanskrit dayai, karuNai. About Janani Dhinakaran Music. As with consumer goods, sometimes the users have their experiences to go by.

All I am saying is that let us not impose our own opinion on that of the creator of a work. By this token you change every sAmi ninnE to svAmi ninnE in most varnams. Also, Imagine the same logic if applied to telugu? However this is a non-issue to most native speakers of the language and they don't need to impose the feature of one language upon another. Yes, it is all complicated.

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Trying to turn them into sanskritized words - while it can be argued as justifiable, is still not most appropriate. At this point I have given up that it will never change. But the fact remains these people composed a lot of stuff in tamizh and mixed a lot of Sanskrit words in it. Again I have seen this shonnEn and SheydhEn only among a few minority speakers of a dialect. There is a difference between that and usage in Sanskrit contexts even withing tamizh compositions.

But I also realize this is an idiosyncracy of tamizh. Ravi, You do reams of translation of verses for anyone who asks.

There are some morphs like mugam, sugam, naDanam which are proper tamizh words inspite of their non-tamil origins. Nevertheless, the tune is enjoyable.

Why are you walking like a model from London? Ask any dancer on the forum. But for you, we are all casual workers here. Your stories from myths is an added asset.

Now, go on and do the rest of the work in translating our beloved bard. So yes not easy As I have mentioned before, whether we would have liked it otherwise or not, tamil has evolved a certain way and it has its own idiosyncracies. This is not the first time she has amused us, so she is used to our immature but uncontrollable amusement at her expense. After several minutes, he gave in with very bad grace.

What is the lyrics of senthamizh nadenum

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We are talking about usage in tamizh contexts. That means the transliteration of the Tamil Lexicon or something close to it. People want to ignore this and only look at Sangam works - I find that silly and represent heights of impracticality. Doing otherwise is what I feel is dangerous! On the other hand, if some one speaks in non-colloquial manner in an otherwise colloquial context, it gets to be very funny too.

You are going for pronounciation and yes that is certainly the most appropriate approach and not representation in native language. Without you, there is no translation department here. Tell her she is entitled to make fun too, in return. Whoever did it realized that, given the phonological rules of Tamil, the letters in kaa, akam, and anku, though all pronounced differently, are actually the same phoneme. All this means a chunk of time out of your free time.

But I agree that difference can be quite muddled given how tamil composers mixed Sanskrit into Tamil owing to their cultural backgrounds. Same with the sh, s phenomenon. This way, without foot notes, you can distinguish among s, S and sh sh which can be exclusively used for ushA, ShanmugA and so on.

Since most of the compositions are mostly on the gods, exercise video for weight loss their names are in a song not all names are in tamizh. Here is a song from the movie Vandicholai Chinraasu. Nor is transliterating based on hearing songs not always correctly rendered. So import words have been around for a very very long time. Sri Lankan tamils are huge sources of laughter along those lines.

As Lakshman says, there is no written rule as yet. It may be worth remarking that even Malayalam which, like modern Tamil, comes from old Tamil keeps this system. Flat Style by Ian Bradley. So how does using them make it standardized?

What's wrong with the words you mentioned? On any other forum I will be scorched alive for this - i realize i may be going a bit too far.

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Sowmya, Enjoy the beauty of Bharati's verses and next time you hear it in a concert, we would like to know how you felt. Tamil woman from Tamil Nadu, you hesitate to wear a sari? Sentamizh naattu tamizhachiye You were born in the Elandha forest right? While the fragrance of kungumam red powder is in our land, why do you wear sticker pottus? When Kanchipuram silks shimmer, why do you wear such airy clothing?

Tamil Lyrics Sentamil Naadenum Pothinile (In Tamil Font)