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The two most common of these alien species are Pittosporum undulatum and Acacia melanoxylon. Even though the Azores look very green and sometimes wild, the vegetation has been extremely altered. The coldest weather in winter usually comes from northwesterly air masses originating from Labrador in Canada. New species are found regularly in the Azores e. Its northwest limit connects to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, while the southeast section intersects the Gloria Fault southeast of the island of Santa Maria.

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Climate data for Ponta Delgada Month. They are usually restricted to ancient agricultural land and only rarely penetrate into undisturbed native vegetation. Azores have the warmest winters in Europe still within the European continental plate. During summer the lag is somewhat lower, with August being the warmest month.

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There has never been a frost, snowfall or freeze ever recorded at sea level on any of the islands. As a result, it is estimated that more than half of insects on the Graciosa island have disappeared or will become extinct. Owing to its geodynamic environment, the region has been center of intense seismic activity, particularly along its tectonic boundaries on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and Terceira Rift. Reforestation efforts with native laurissilva vegetation have been done successfully in many parts of the Azores. Hydrangeas are another potential pest, free no membership dating but their threat is less serious.

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Consequently, some invasive plants have filled these deserted and disturbed lands.