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Raaz is an indian horror franchise produced by Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt. Raaz film series is made under the banner of Vishesh Films. Raaz stars Bipasha Basu and Dino Morea in lead roles.

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The cgi doesn't help at all, when used. As you will know, this is a horror flick with that psychological element thrown in along with some of the Hindi trimmings, thrown in for extra measure. Sanjana with a can full of petrol runs towards the dead body while ghost pursues her and finally, she succeeds in burning down the body. Shekhar appoints Simran, a lawyer with an impeccable record, to represent him as he was accused of murdering his wife and soon she starts falling in love with him. Audible Download Audio Books.

She tells Rehaan about it but he refuses to believe. Aditya does all his best to save Shaina from the evil spirit. All three of them go to an arms store to learn more and are told by the shopkeeper that the revolver was licensed to a retired colonel named Col. However, what they find in their new home is more than they expected when a ghost starts haunting the place. She was rushed to the hospital, where just before dying, her facial look and voice changed completely for a short while, thus confusing all the attending doctors.

He further reveals that this spirit has waked for some purpose and it will not stop until that purpose is fulfilled. The show deals with various superstitions of ghosts and tantric voodoos. They come to know that it was Yash who had all the proof of Veer Singh's death, but he had sold those proofs to David in return for sponsorship of his show.

Trending Hindi Movies and Shows. Yash agrees to help Nandita on the condition she leaves Prithvi, but she refuses his help and decides to stay with Prithvi and visit Kalindi to find out the truth. She tells Aditya about that. Prithvi finally learns the truth, but is still confused as to why Nandita was used for this.

Swaroop attacks the two girls with a hoe but they somehow manage to escape the attack. This time, before Prithvi can save her, she jumps into it. But the break turns into a nightmare when Sanjana starts hearing screams. The film stars Bipasha Basu and Dino Morea as a couple who have moved to Ooty to save their failing marriage. After they leave, Sanjana, Priya, and Prof.

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Regardless, Nandita accidentally slits her wrist due to an unknown ghostly attack on her in the bathroom. The story starts with an American visiting the Kalindi Temple at night. Theatrical release poster. Now, the husband must protect his wife to save their marriage.

The album was a Chartbuster in with songs becoming very popular. All other songs are penned by Sayeed Quadri. Best way to listen to music is when you find all your favorite songs in one playlist at one place.

Your email address will not be published. Veer Pratap tries to tell the truth to everyone, but is killed by the goons of the priest and his body is dumped in the same well. Learn more More Like This. Nadeem-Shravan's music earned them several nominations and awards.

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The scares are tired and Suri doesn't know how to pace them out. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

After some time a possessed Prof. Sung by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal, the pleasant track moves at a very steady pace. His character is the main link to the fate of Kangana's character.

The film received an overwhelming response at the box office and emerged as the highest-grossing film of the trilogy. In the end however, 1001 software the spirit of Veer attacks and kills Yash.

Was this review helpful to you? The producers could have made something more of this film, there is great potential in the storyline.

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Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. Swaroop go into the forest to locate the girl's body to burn it.

But one day, He realises what he is doing is bad. Shanaya asks her boyfriend to Aditya Emraan Hashmi to help her. To enjoy a movie as the director intended, an ambiance must be created, such as that created on a late night showing at the cinema.

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While pursued by the ghost, Sanjana finds the dead body of their old servant Robert hung on a tree, suddenly Prof. Aditya had an affair with a woman there. Swaroop and the police visit the forest at the same place where Nisha was attacked and after investigating from Nisha's boyfriend, Prof.

She then spots a well and somebody standing near it, and goes towards them. After forsaking his family and religion, a husband finds his wife is demoniacally possessed. She then tries to commit suicide but he prevents her from doing so. It only helps create that element of the horror being false.

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Aditya, with the help of his then manservant Robert, buried the dead girl's body in the forest behind the cottage. Mahesh Bhatt Presenter Mukesh Bhatt. The Mystery Continues Theatrical release poster. Coming to know about everything, Yash has her publicly apologise to everyone, and declares that she has mental problems. They eventually learn that Malini and Aditya had an affair and that Aditya rebuked Malini's demands that he leave his wife, claiming that the affair was never meant to be anything more than physical.

His paintings tell Nandita's Kangana Ranaut future. He had hidden that fact from her. Seven friends, after their car breaks down in the middle of the night, find shelter and tell one another stories to kill time till dawn.