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By showing only the buttons that actually work, will lead to a better experience of using the application. The instructions provided by the software are so simple to understand and follow that even a new user can use it without any technical training. Also, no keyboard will be present, since the application will be used on a touch screen. However, you can work around this limitation. Kind regards, yeah, good luck with phone support!

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Is there anyone who knows a way to do this, or knows a customizable viewer like the one I've found for mozilla? Now I'm wondering if it's possible to achieve the same in Google Chrome. Monday - Friday, Pacific Time. This allows me to restrict the user's possibilities. The database is set up to display forms in tab view except for the popups.

How can I make sure that the print icon is enabled for this report. Why is the print icon disabled when other icons regarding the report are enabled and printing itself is not disabled can be done from backstage?

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There will be no printers available in the eventual setup of the system. Disabling the ability to print is not hard, but I don't want the user to think he can print. Windows On some monitors, dating sites honduras the Windows taskbar covers the Print button.

For more information on adjusting these settings, you will need to contact Microsoft or your computer manufacturer. You can hide the taskbar so it appears only when you mouse to the bottom of the screen. There will be no keyboard or mouse, only a limited touch interface.

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If you can't see the Print and Cancel buttons, your monitor is set to a low screen resolution. Below is the code that calls the report.

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How do you print from Microsoft Edge?

For more information, see your printer documentation.

Installed Plug-ins