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The Properties Group now lets you easily edit particle colors to help you create your perfect look. This workflow makes pick-whip auto-animation with scripting possible. High-end production value makes clients happy.

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Viewing particles over a source shot can be extremely helpful when setting up a particle system. Or chose an emitter, click where you want it on your shot, and the emitter is added to that specific position in space and time.

Part Two concerns the animation of the emitter itself so that it accurately tracks the video element. How do I make my logo stay up longer in particleIllusion? Hey this is really a wonderful software to use.

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Of course, this requires careful keyframe work and tedious frame-by-frame animation, but the mechanics of the process are not difficult. To avoid confusion, only the graph for the selected parameter is displayed at any given time.

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Tutorial, Video Tutorial Aharon Rabinowitz. Complex projects, with a couple of particle generators and some multi-point animated blockers, require more processing power.

There is no restrictions regarding the video formats that are accepted. Part One details how to animate the Layer Offset in particleIllusion to eliminate motion in the clip that is caused by movement of the camera that filmed the scene. You have entered an incorrect email address! Keyframes for all parameters are displayed in the graph. Easily control the position, shape, life, number size, etc.


Easy-to-use drag and drop functionality No physics degree? You can set forces that influence the flow of the particles and add blockers that mask portions of the screen from the effect. How to Monitor Video While Editing. The software offers a collection of special effects you can insert into your videos. It doesnt quite look real.

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Don't leave without your download! Particle effects are special effects that work by animating small individual graphics into a larger effect. Download additional Emitters.

Pretty cool effect, right? Then simply render the file and export it. It does have a good help file though, and if you visit the company's website, you will be able to view some tutorials, both written and video. Tutorial, Video Tutorial Alan Lorence.

The graph view offers an easy and intuitive way to adjust animation over time. Do you like to have lots of special effects on your videos? Check out the smoke trailer and the beautiful and surprising natural-looking waterfall effects.

Create complex animations once and use them time and time again. For what are you going to use the program?

Perhaps best of all, you might not even have to hire a dedicated animator, since you can probably be up and running in an hour. Use the alpha values to pulse particles on and off or gradually fade over time. The on-screen path is fully interactive. Select an emitter in the library, double-click, and voila, the emitter is added to the scene. Random, natural motion is the key to believable effects and good applications accomplish this with a minimum of hassle.

Add depth and realism by obscuring particles when needed. The timeline of any video editing program is the foundation of an edit. The Emitter Library now includes a handy search function and has been rewritten, allowing users to access an unlimited number of emitters without needing to reload libraries. To make it easy to find and modify these keyframes, parameters with animation are highlighted with a red box in the control panel.

Perfecting Audio Field recording by its nature warrants good, practical kit, and longtime audio engineer Keith Alexander walks you through some of his favorite gear. Particle Illusion can be run as a standalone application, but rendering is only available as a plug-in. Create a particle gradient with user-defined stops.

Download and installation help. We recommend that you run the latest graphics card driver version supported by your host application. Softonic review particleIllusion lets you create any sort of special effects easily. Your review for particleIllusion -. Beginners will be blown away at the beauty of the effects and animation professionals will gasp at the speed.

Throwing a visually stunning effect into your video is mind-numbingly easy, but of course the real test is when you start performing more complicated effects shots. In our Digital Effects and animation program at Forsyth Tech. Emitter library with thousands of presets Particle Illusion comes with thousands of factory-installed preset emitters. There are no colorful buttons or assistance wizards. Create stunning animations while staying inside your favorite host application!

The snow can float or icily rain down, but a good particle effect will completely fool the viewer. We're going to use particles to disintegrate a logo. The company is growing, so look for Mac versions and plug-ins for After Effects. What similar programs have you used?

The main problem with particleIllusion is the complex interface, which is sure to confuse new users. Please respond if you disagree what type of effect you made and you can mimic what Particle Illusion dows. Despite all these effects though, particleIllusion is quite gentle on your system. Particle Illusion is also included in the Particles Unit. Tutorial, songs of suman chattopadhyay Video Tutorial Elvis Deane.