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Rajamma and two sons Ramu and Rajan. Radha played the role of Aalavandhar, the diamond merchant. Balaiah was cast as Manickam Pillai. Though Raheem survives, his face is disfigured.

Paava Mannippu Movie Cast & Crew

Rafi's album Aasaiyae Alaipolae. Directorate of Film Festivals. All the family members unite and propagate religious harmony. Nevertheless, Mary continues to love him.

The story involves a man who was born a Hindu, raised as a Muslim, and weds a Christian woman. Through my character, they communicated the importance of brotherhood among Indians of various religions be they Christian, Hindu or Muslim. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Raheem is soon released on bail and plans to get Rajan and Thangam married. Sreenivas as a playback singer.

Gurunath Aruna Guhan Aparna Guhan. Saravanan liked the story and related it to his father A. Raja then takes an empty cup and miraculously drinks Vadivelu's cup of milk from his own empty cup.

After the show, they called on Ganesan and each tied a Rakhi around his right wrist, thereby embracing him as their brother. The film's soundtrack and score were composed by Viswanathan-Ramamoorthy while Kannadasan was the lyricist.

Chandrababu concurred and agreed with Bhimsingh's choice of Ganesan for the lead role. The song was recorded using electrical cable wires that ran to the film studio from the recording theatre. Before Manickam changes his mind and decides to rescue him, a local Muslim doctor Chittoor V. The Illustrated Weekly of India. Aalavandhar then confesses his wrongdoings to the police and is arrested.

List of Paava Mannippu Songs with Lyrics

The sisters were so impressed by Ganesan's performance as Raheem that they found themselves crying during the intermission stage even though neither of them understood Tamil. An Introduction to Tamil Cinema.

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Raheem, who has taken up his foster father's profession, protects the people living in a nearby slum area and fights for their rights. Solaimalai wrote the dialogues. All of them rush to save Raheem. Out of greed, Aalavandhar kills a fellow jeweller who comes to sell him diamonds.

When the police interrogate him, he smartly puts the blame on one of his workers named Manickam Pillai T. On learning of Raheem's love for Mary, Aalavandhar pours acid on his face while he is asleep to get rid of him.

List of Paava Mannippu Songs with Lyrics

Manickam lives with his wife and daughter Thangam. Pothen and Rekha Shoba attend a screening of the film. Indian Theatre Production. Later he might have decided to stay on with this letter for sentimental reasons. Shanmugam, Bhimsingh approached Ganesan himself about taking on the lead role as he felt that the film would not work with Chandrababu as the protagonist.

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Redirected from Pava Mannippu. Sivaji Prabhu Charities Trust.

The two singers watched it at the Aurora theatre in Mumbai. Rajan falls in love with Thangam while Raheem likes Mary. Thiruvalluvar Kalaikoodam. The film revolves around the theme of religious harmony with the central characters belonging to Hindu, Muslim and Christian communities.

Paava Mannippu Theatrical release poster. Bhimsingh based on a story narrated to him by comedian and singer J.

Paava Mannippu - All Songs Lyrics & Videos

Meiyappan wanted to prove that the theatre was not jinxed by premiering Paava Mannippu there. The idea for Paava Mannippu came to A. Paava Mannippu was one of Bhimsingh's many successful films in the Pa series and achieved cult status in Tamil cinema.

The production company conducted a contest using the film's songs on radio stations. To enter the contest, divx player 7.2 windows 7 listeners wrote down the songs from the soundtrack starting with the one they liked most. The Cinema Resource Centre. Radha is a jeweller who lives with his wife Maragatham M.

When Aalavandhar learns the truth about Raheem, he immediately realises his mistakes and saves him. Bhimsingh was impressed with Chandrababu's story and decided to direct a film based on it, in addition to producing it under his banner Buddha Pictures. The two women reciprocate their feelings. Raheem and Aalavandhar often argue over this issue. His wife, on learning that he is implicated in the murder, dies of shock immediately after delivering a baby girl.

Paava Mannippu Movie Cast & Crew

Bhimsingh and Viswanathan-Ramamoorthy convinced Meiyappan to let Sreenivas render the song instead of Gemini Ganesan's usual playback singer A. Balaiah play supporting roles. It was a source of attraction for all who passed by the Shanthi theatre. Though the slum does not belong to Aalavandhar, he claims it is his property, and plans to sell it for his own personal gain.

Meiyappan managed to resolve the issue by obtaining permission from the authorities. This was considered the first time a balloon was used to promote a Tamil film.

Theatrical release poster. The project was titled Abdullah. The film was successful and helped to break the streak of flops for the theatre. Not convinced with the results, Bhimsingh sought M.

It was a commercial success and became a silver jubilee film. They are then found and raised by foster parents of different religious backgrounds. Paava Mannippu was referenced and parodied in various other films. Paava Mannippu revolves around the subject of religious tolerance and communal harmony. Ganesan agreed to take the role after being impressed with the script.