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The latest version boosts performance with easier correction and editing options, as well as by giving you more control over your command preferences. Depending on the size of your list, this can prove to be a tremendous timesaver.

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The software can now remind you to analyze documents and sent emails, as well as to run Language Optimization upon file save to boost accuracy even further. You will have to close out of the current session of Chrome and then reopen. Dictate at a normal volume and pace. Once back at your computer, Dragon will transcribe the audio files.

Custom commands are not supported in Dragon Home. Enable officers to safely and efficiently meet reporting and documentation demands with this customized solution Learn more.

Whether you want to schedule a meeting, send an email, or search Google, Wikipedia or a map for information, simply say it out loud and Dragon NaturallySpeaking will do all the work! Dragon NaturallySpeaking never makes a spelling mistake, and it gets smarter the more you use it. Dragon NaturallySpeaking not only types what you dictate, but can be used to open up documents, navigate through your programs, or search your computer for a file. Select a subscription to purchase Monthly or Annual. Drive enterprise mobility and improve mobile documentation, reporting and efficiency in the field Learn more.

Overview System Requirements Comparison. With the added mobility, you can now move from office to office, or desktop workstation to station, allowing you to make your clinical documentation process seamless. Use Shortcuts to quickly and easily create and send emails, schedule appointments, post to Facebook or Twitter, search your desktop e. Confirm the subscription you want to purchase.

My accuracy has improved so much that it is virtually perfect. Boost efficiency Add customized words for accurate recognition of the industry terms, acronyms or personal preferences you use very day. Sound card supporting bit recording. Contextual guidance in Dragon Home provides simple tips prompted by usage to help accelerate user productivity.

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Avoid yelling, talking slowly or saying one word at a time. Omni-channel customer engagement.

Seamlessly create, edit and transcribe legal documents by voice for improved efficiency, costs. Rest assured that your questions will be answered by one of our seasoned Support Technicians who are committed to resolving your issues and answering your questions. With Dragon Professional, you have the ability to create multiple audio sources more than one type of audio input device sharing a vocabulary within the same profile. Dragon can also be personalized with a custom vocabulary of acronyms, proper names, and other unique phrases you frequently use.

Later you download that recording to your computer and Dragon will transcribe your recording into text. It starts working by saying awake and rests by saying sleep on the microphone.

Make incident reporting faster, safer and more efficient. Wideband Bluetooth support provides outstanding wireless performance with no training required.

Speak and Spell used a speech chip which led to huge strides in development of more human-like digital synthesis sound. Therefore, you will receive the same recognition experience on all of your devices.

Let Dragon work for you Speed through documentation Fast dictation and high recognition accuracy that continually improves as it adapts to your voice. The PowerMic Mobile is optimized to be used with your Windows-based desktop speech solution, in a similar way your handheld device is.

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Remember that unless you turn off the microphone, Dragon Anywhere will record everything it hears. Stay on this page for Dragon Professional.

Order in volume Contact Sales Partner network. You can dictate letters, e-mails and surf the web by voice right away! Routine computer-related tasks will be quicker than ever.

Resource library Contact us. So far, Dragon Dictate definitely lives up to my expectations of Dragon speech recognition. Check out Dragon Professional Individual for Mac. Use Dragon Voice Shortcuts to send email to multiple friends by saying e.

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Once you are back on your computer, Dragon will transcribe the audio files. The system will adapt to your voice after a few minutes. Locate the microphone on your device and avoid placing your hand or a protective case over the microphone while you dictate.

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For example, if you often use specialized vocabulary in your documents, maybe for a profession or a hobby, you can save a custom word list as a. You can now log in to your Dragon Anywhere account using the email address and password you specified during the purchasing process.

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Nuance Authorized Partner. Master Dragon right out of the box, green screen pack and start experiencing big productivity gains immediately.