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Someone has modified the version available here. This is the best tool I ever have. The ability to update it is great. Also, being able to back up dual layer disks on single layer ones is great, not to mention it saves money.

Best ever all in one endoder player shrinker burner and Free! Dvd shrink fired up and hasn't screwed up once. Like voice sink, some programs lose the voice sink when you shrink them.

Only issues I have with it on Vista is when it tries to play the movie after it completes the task. This is free, and as the saying goes, the best things in life are free! ManicMatt Send private message to this user. Fargonian Send private message to this user.

Colemanvt Send private message to this user. This program is the bees knees.

If it slows down, go ahead and defrag your hard drive, simple, eh? RedAnt Send private message to this user. Probably the best software on this site, and this site has some great software! It is the weirdest thing i have ever seen in my life.

But we all know they aint. This usually clears most issues. Why would you want to put yourself through all of the hassiles that it takes to use this out dated proggy is beyond me. Programs like this are not being updated or supported by there creators for legal reasons. Very versatile software easy to use and its Free.

SccrPlyr Send private message to this user. There is something strange about that dvd! What is the format that the files are backed up in? It would only work on my computer.

This process appears transparent to the end user. ArtemD, u go and buy from the link u posted and let us know how it is.


Why go later or stuff with anything else? Best and easiest software I have ever used.

There are other standalone versions of some of the apps such as Nero Video, Burning Rom, and Recode also available for those who don't want the whole suite. Easy to use and works well with Nero Burn. But ImgBurn is a better choice for burning, florabella retouch makeover photoshop actions though Nero is simple as it can integrate with Shrink.

Top software, i have been using it for years, and it has only let me down once with the DaVinci Code. In all honesty, how can you not love this.

Dvd shrink nero free download

Run Any Dvd in background if necessary. Still the best out there for me. One of the best peices of software ever. Many guides and forums to support using this if you run in to any problems.

DVD Shrink .info Nero Burning Rom guide / burning in DVD-Video mode

The reason people are still using this program is because it was made so well to begin with! Its definitely a staple in the ripping world. Trik Send private message to this user. This software rates right up there with wild women, good wine and other enjoyable items.


When that happens I just pull out the original and make another back up. Or an I missing something.

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Download DVD Shrink for Windows

There will be no newer versions released. It is probably time for an update of the software.

The best dvd software on this website easily. Works fast on fast systems like mine. Never had a problem using these to in conjunction. Very basic to use, reliable performance and well set out.

It is great software and best of all cheap. Cossy Send private message to this user. The next problem is not so easy. Been using for years, not sure what my problem is, but its frustrating, as I havent done anything different than what I usually do.

DVD Shrink app and Nero

Dissone Send private message to this user. Azazel Send private message to this user. Been using it for a few years now, no problems at all.