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For a debutant, she is pretty impressive. Aditya Rao, Natalie Di Luccio. After the marriage, the truth of Chandu's appearance is revealed, by the arrival of Robert and Janaki. Meanwhile, Chandu has reconciled the grandparents of the two families. In the end, he manages to unite the lovers and their families in a logical manner.

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After two months of marriage, Maanasa gets hurt in a car accident. Only the fathers and the lovers are his main concern.

Both the second heroines are transplanted with the hearts of first heroines In both these films, youtube mp3 online convert hero loves the second heroine without knowing that her heart his first wife's heart. Charmy is from a Sikh family.

As she and her friends were trying to find a good song for a competition, Chandu indirectly helps her and falls in love with her. Vijaya as Nadabrahmam's wife.


Deepak is a model material. Since, he is shown as a reserved person in the film, he suited the role.

Marudhuri Raja's work is just average. The title track of the film is very impressive.

Rajkumar borrowed many of the songs from the original version. Direction is good in patches.

Heroine meets with car accident in both these films. He gradually endears himself to both families. Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry. Suddenly, Nirmala Mary Ravali arrives.

She then confronts Chandu, asking him why he wants to unite the two families. Story of the film is novel. Story Vasu is an orphan, who lost his parents at a tender age.

Chintapalli Ramana Marudhuri Raja dialogues. Then Chandu reveals his past. Only few scenes of the film are interesting. Later, the families ask him to marry Nirmala whose actual name is Priyadarshini to make him a member of their family. Rajkumar Films featuring feuds s Telugu-language films Films scored by Koti.

Music released on Shivani Audio Company. He becomes a famous architect and falls in love with Maanasa Charmi and marries her. To avoid the situation, Gopi suggests that Chandu tell them that he is married. But, she lacks spontaneity in her expressions and naturalness in her body language.

Hyderabadi Biryani, Punjabi dishes. Vasai, Maharashtra, India. However, he refuses, telling them that he loved a girl and does not want to think of anyone else. Accidentally Sindhu and Vasu meet and gradually they fall in love.

Sid Sriram, Sunitha Sarathy. She did well with in her limitations. Filmography of Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao.

This should the way to encourage new talent. You can find people yawning in the theaters for the kind of sluggishness the film has. Bheemineni Srinivasa Rao failed to narrate the film in an interesting style. Ever since then, a feud has been going between the two families.

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Screenplay is very shabby. Maanasa agrees to give away her heart to Sindhu. Watch this film at your own risk.

Movie review - Nee Thodu Kavali. All the songs in this film are lifted from popular tunes of Telugu hit films. All songs are blockbusters.

Rest of the film deals with how Sindhu and Vasu get united. Later, both his grandmothers suggest marriage. Stephen Nagesh and Seetaramaiah Satyanarayana have been best friends since college and so have their respective sons, Moses Anand Raj and Balaramaiah Devan. There is a heart patient Sindhu Rimmi Sen who is in need of a heart for her heart transplantation surgery. However, she treats him as only a good friend.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He wants to reconcile the feuding families. Maanasa is a kindhearted lady and loves doing charity work for orphans. Raja Ranguski Yuvan Shankar Raja.