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During the Spanish-American War, sailors wore leggings called boots, dating alone snsd yuri eng sub which came to mean a Navy or Marine recruit. The battlefleets of the Imperial Navy are constantly engaging threats both inside and outside the Imperium's borders.

There was a price, however. Bells are rung in sequenced pairs, so five bells would be sounded ding-ding, ding-ding, ding.

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Bells - bells are traditionally rung every half hour during a watch. Backing down - same as backing, above. Bower anchor - either of the two anchors usually carried at the ship's bow. Whether or not the title applies to all starfaring vessels in the Imperium that make use of Navigators is unclear, though this is unlikely.

Brown water - shallow water or shallow draft, especially a ship or navy whose ships are not suited to deep or open water and deep-water combat. Broaching is a serious problem with landing craft, and is greatly to be avoided. No longer would the superhuman Space Marines serve as the Imperium's frontline military force. The Adeptus Mechanicus would also no doubt consider the vessels themselves holy.

Thus the Excertus Imperialis as it had been for centuries ceased to exist. This list was originally to be found attached to the binnacle.

In the days of sail, orders to the deck crew were given by various calls on the boatswain's pipe. Bracket and halving - a method of correcting the aim of shipboard gunnery. He was lucky he didn't get brig time. What if I have dietary restrictions or allergies?

The Warmaster led fully half of the legendary Space Marine Legions in open revolt against the Imperium which had created them and the master which they were sworn to protect. We work with only the best food partners. Burn bag - cloth or paper bag containing classified matter that is soon to be destroyed by burning. Balls to the wall - maximum speed, or maximum effort. Most ships anchor by using one of the bowers.

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Boatswain's locker - a compartment, usually forward on the main deck, where line and other equipment used by the deck force is stowed. Butt kit - an ashtray, especially a can-shaped one mounted on a bulkhead. Also, to fail an examination.

Beach - ashore, or to be put ashore. Boatswain - a warrant officer or limited duty officer in charge of all deck work. Brownshoe - member of the Naval air forces, as opposed to blackshoe, or member of the surface or submarine forces. May turn out to be friendly, neutral, or hostile. The bow hook and stern hook use them to position boats into place while alongside a ship or pier.