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If the poor, the rich, the rulers, the highest priests, and the scribes knew about Jesus, who would not have heard of him? Crozier, a newspaper editor, went to Oxford University and retained an interest in Latin, Greek and the Bible. Some scholars have also observed what appears to be an anti-Jewish inclination within the Gospel of Peter.

Pontius Pilate supposedly performed as judge in the trial and execution of Jesus, yet no Roman record mentions such a trial. Of course not, and the same must apply to Jesus if we wish to hold any consistency to historicity. Not one of these writers gives a source or backs up his claims with evidential material about Jesus.

The few quotations available to us corroborate several elements of the historical account of Jesus. These artifacts proved popular and served as a prosperous commercial device which filled the money coffers of the churches. They correspond to the same dates as B.

By accepted tradition he was born in the reign of Augustus, the great literary age of the nation of which he was a subject. The Judas gospel, a copy written in Coptic, dates to around the third-to fourth-century. Hercules gives example of perhaps the most popular hero in Ancient Greece and Rome.

All claims about Jesus derive from writings of other people. As can be concluded from the remarks of fundamentalist Christian and biblical scholar Dr. Anyone doing research on Jesus, even skeptics, had better allude to his existence or else risk future funding and damage to their reputations or fear embarrassment against their Christian friends. However, as we have seen, there is reason to suspect that it was composed much later, nevertheless using possibly the best known history of that era, the works of Josephus.

So whether the first Christians borrowed or independently came up with a savior story makes no difference whatsoever. Did a historical Jesus exist? This argument simply does not hold. Therefore, all accounts about a Jesus could only have come from other believers or his imagination.

If gotten through syncretism, Jews and pagans could very well have influenced the first Christians, especially the ideas of salvation and beliefs about good and evil. It is unknown if the original Gospel of Peter was a complete narrative about the life of Jesus or if the text was always limited to the Passion. When the prosecution presents its case, everyone who takes the stand against you claims that you committed the crime, not as a witness themselves, but solely because they claim other people said so. It could very well disappear like that of euhermerism. The four gospels then became Church cannon for the orthodox faith.

The Gospel Dates

Couple this with the fact that all of the claims come from hearsay, and we have a foundation made of sand, and a castle of information built of cards. And that the Christians were first so-called at Antioch?

Just before and during the first century, the Jews had prophesied about an upcoming Messiah based on Jewish scripture. Alexander, for example, left a wake of destroyed and created cities behind. Note that thousands of claimed Jesus relics appeared in cathedrals throughout Europe, including the wood from the cross, chalices, blood of Jesus, etc. He wrote this novel as if it represented the actual letters of Pilate. Moreover, the gospels mention scribes many times, not only as followers of Jesus but the scribes connected with the high priests.

They claim that Yeshu in the Talmud refers to Jesus. Now imagine that you stand present in a court of law that allows hearsay as evidence.

It is not within the scope of this present work to examine thoroughly the alternative argument for a late dating of the gospels. Not until the tenth century did most churches accept the new dating system. The Jews had their own dating system. Three different independent radiocarbon dating laboratories in Zurich, coeliakie zelftest online dating Oxford and the University of Arizona yielded a date range of C.

Regardless, his birth date puts him out of range as an eyewitness account. But one need not refer to scholars to determine the lack of evidence for authorship.

We know at least a bit of mundane information about them, perhaps quite a bit, that does not form part of any legend cycle. And scholars find the language too erudite for a simple Palestinian. Nowhere do we find these writers quoting Jesus. They contained fifty-two heretical books written in Coptic script which include gospels of Thomas, Philip, James, John, Thomas, and many others. Although the majority of scholars today believe that a Jesus lived on earth, the reasons for this appear suspicious once you consider the history and evolution of Jesus scholarship.

Late Dating of the Gospels? However, the Gospels suggest that the followers of Jesus lived poorly, and this would further reduce the chances for a long life span. Blomberg, the gospels are in fact anonymous. Justin Martyr As proof of the existence of the gospels prior to the end of the second century, it is claimed that Church father Justin Martyr c. Oddly, none of the New Testament epistle writers ever mentions Nazareth or a Jesus of Nazareth even though most of the epistles appeared before the gospels.

Did Jesus exist?

Later, at the time of the gospels, other myths may entered Christian beliefs such a the virgin birth and miracles. And most importantly, just as we have no artifacts, writings or eyewitnesses about Hercules, we also have nothing about Jesus. Dionysius probably never read the gospel account of the birth of Jesus because the Matthew gospel says his birth occurred while Herod served as King. Nowhere do the writers of the texts identify themselves by name or claim unambiguously to have known or traveled with Jesus. This fragment and two others unearthed with it preserve a list of the traditional locations where Jewish priests resettled after the Roman emperor Hadrian banned all Jews from Jerusalem in C.

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Homer's Odyssey, for example, describes the travels of Odysseus throughout the Greek islands. Considering the lack of investigational temper of the religious mind, it might prove interesting to the critical reader that the main source for the letters of Pilate come from W.

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