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These cards also encompass the magnetic strips and there is also the photo of the card holder along with the necessary details that fully reveals the identities of the card holders. The products of the suppliers are highly acclaimed among the customers for their flaw less finishing and excellent printing. With the continuous efforts of the printing professionals, the company develops highly customized, comprehensive and the most reliable identity card printing solutions. There are two encoding methods HiCo and LoCo.

And we are glad to say that you have come to the right place. HiCo cards are made with a stronger magnetic field for more durability, making them useful for cards with a longer life. So, our technical team will assist you to choose the best printer based on all the factors above.

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Id card printers are generally used as part of an integrated system with software and potentially multiple users. There are two major options available to choose from direct-to-card and reverse transfer. Magnetic stripes cards are the simplest and least durable, moroccan dating protocols because the stripe is susceptible to wear over time. Encoding One of the simplest ways to improve your security is through the use of encoded cards.