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Ludwig Van Beethoven Ode to Joy. The subject is reflecting on the hard times, and making it through them. This song is about someone whose heart and mind is fixed on going to heaven according to the pictorial or descriptive view the bible gives as to what heaven looks like. Full Track - Spiritual, Traditional Gospel.

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God is always watching over you. Go ahead, make your cellphone sound and look like never before! Upbeat gospel song artist longing to be in the presence of the the Lord. This is a communion song for a soloist or a choir.

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Great for any usage that needs an up-tempo, inspiring gospel vibe. Great for any scene that needs an uptempo, joyful traditional gospel vibe. Great for any usage that needs a mid-tempo, uplifting, masonic ebooks traditional gospel vibe.

You can have joy, in times of sadness, peace in the mist of the storm, hope in times of uncertain, happiness when you have loss all hope the Lord he will restore all things. Jailhouse Rock Elvis Presley.

Jesus is coming back one day to take with him all that believe on him and live a godly life. The song lyrics prepare the congregation for the ceremony of the bread and wine.

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It is full of uplifting, catchy rhythms that will get your audience to their feet. Loop Drum loop - Spiritual, Contemporary Gospel. Spiritually uplifting song. Promote ringophone and make money.

Warm and caring, gently building the chorus crescendo in the middle. This underscore features a stride piano with a hint of gospel. This song is all about faith. Bed - Spiritual, Black Gospel.

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Excitement inspiring song for God's people. This is a quartet style song with religious lyrics. Amazing diverse sounds from the composer of music that plays on cable and network tv shows. The title of the track tells of the Lord being there when He is needed most.

Smooth Heavenly Gospel Music very motivating and inspirational. Chorus and outro can stand alone. When all seems lost God steps in, covers us, and keeps us from hurt, harm and danger. This track can be sung while the gifts are being prepared and helps the participants center themselves for the holy ordinance in remembrance of Jesus. This track is a very traditional sounding gospel tune with a flare of old-time gospel.

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Religious tone except for the chorus. Bed A - Spiritual, Traditional Gospel.

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Chris Tomlin - How Great Is Our God

Happy, fun and carefree this underscore will set the tone for your next commercial or program. It is full of uplifting, catchy rhythms that will demand you to bob your head, swing your hips and tap your feet. Suspicious Minds Elvis Presley. Features piano and gospel choir.

Featuring a classic Motown feel, gospel choir and strong male lead vocal, the song delivers an energetic, party vibe in a classic yet updated pop package. Artist names for identification only Ringophone. When you are troubled and have lost your way in life God is always there. Funky bass line - catchy hook with male lead vocal and both female and male background vocals.

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It is a song of old style, and is meant to get the congregation happy. No matter where you live on the planet. Full Track - Spiritual, Black Gospel.

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Often we don't realize He is there until He has already made a way. No sneaky or hidden subscriptions. Bed A - Spiritual, Black Gospel. Bed A - Spiritual, Instrumental Gospel.

Share with friends Download to any cellphone number you wish. God's love for me makes my life complete. This track features the organ and brass section in that classic church band that will have the crowd standing and shouting for the duration. Suggestions are at the bottom of the lyrics document. Inspire and energize your audience with this song.

Composer and singer Thomas A. Simply choose your favorite style from the style list, or use search to find quickly your favorite song or wallpaper. Sometime down and sometime up facing sickness, pain, but it can not compare with serving the Lord. It can set the mood, and set the standard for any project. Choir backing track, Karaoke, Sunday morning urban radio.