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Also perfect for strange and furious scenes, thriller and nightmares backgrounds. Scary, ominous, dramatic and very aggressive trap beat with dark melody.

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Modern instruments alternate with the phase modulation, making a sense of mental imbalance of this cyclical track. Dramatic Atmospheric Shot. This dark soundscape combines an menacing presence with an essence of danger and drama. This is a mysterious and dramatic apocalyptic thriller piano music, full of suspense and tension.

This cinematic horror music is suitable for films and video games. Something Bad Is Gonna Happen. This is a scary and suspenseful track, full of horror and fear. Perfect for genres in fantasy, horror, paranormal and more! Terrifying and suspenseful, with unsettling melodies and dark sounds.

It is perfectly looped so you can apply it for as long as you need. Features theremin, harpsichord, pizzicato strings, vibraphone, organ, choir, halloween cartoon sounds, drums and more. Featuring dark and dirty synths, a dulcitone, big drums and deep percussion. It is a terrible track that creates an intense atmosphere of fear and keeps in constant tension.

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Sinister strings with horns, percussion and deep, dark hybrid tones build to a threatening climax. It can be used for criminal dramatic movies and videos.

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Tubular Bells meets Brian Tyler. Anxious growing tremolo in the first seconds creates the expectation of events that should start soon. Epic Journey to Hell is a big, dramatic orchestral piece that begins with driving staccato strings and builds to a hellish climax with horns, choirs and drums. Perfect soundtrack for mystery games, suspense movies, horror and thriller. Horror background music Royalty free horror background music samples for video production purpose.

Strange suspense is a dark and scary track, full of danger and tension. Eerie Celesta and chilling Cello backed with ghostly choir vocals create a cool crisp horror theme suitable for Halloween or theme music for a horror build up or introduction. Slow mysterious Violin creates edgy scene of mystery and intrigue with a slight Victorian edge. They are promising in adding up more life to the movie. This is a symphonic and orchestral dramatic action music, full of suspense and tension.

Soft and thick darkness creeps cautiously from every quarter throwing out their poisonous spines. The music has an amazing darkness by blending the punk rock and gothic audios with melancholic similes.

Uplifting, rousing cinematic orchestral track with a proud, patriotic theme. Epic Intense Trailer intro Indent is a short, powerful, epic trailer intro that conveys intensity and drama. Epic Intense Trailer Intro Indent. Gothic choir merged with tragic strings build a massive percussive climax.

This threatening, terrifying and mysterious music is perfect for your awesome projects. Epic and powerful orchestral track, building to a huge and dramatic climax. Great for horror and suspense films, spy and crime videos. Possible uses can range from chase scenes, introduction of a villain, horror films, etc.

Ideal for crime scenes, thrilling investigation, mystical dark video, serious spy action, etc. Features bassoon, pizz strings and fx. The sound and the audio system for horror movie should be exclusive and unmatched. This is a dark, creepy, spooky and very intensive trap music with scary melody.

Beautiful and eerie piano accompanied with a haunting cello provides a creepy and ghostly atmosphere for suspense or horror. Sleeping black energy trying to escape from the fetters of sleep, but it occasionally falls into a trance. This horror background music track is neutral and perhaps more mystical than awful. Background music is also a very necessary element in an entertaining horror movie or video.

Tense, ominous and dramatic horror cue. Great for video game, horror and scary films, nightmares and furious scenes, psychological thrillers, or Halloween. Great for trailers, quicktime 7 pro for mac horror projects and video games.

Timely clock sounds over-laid with chimes, strings and low spooky oboe combine to provide a mysterious clockwork horror style track suitable for spooky build-ups and scenes of tension or suspense. Useful horror rack for Halloween or creepy themed projects. Great for a wide range of applications, including action, dramatic, fight scenes, epic, fantasy, horror, battles or any other high impact visual scenes. This horror background music is great for fear and suspense scenes, thriller movies and horrifying trailers.

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Horror metal is responsible for scenes which include firing of bullets, explosives and other metal concerned objects. Also suitable for crime scenes, horrors, thrillers, scary animations, video and many more. An investigative-crime track suitable for crime movies and investigation scenes. Perfect for horror and other similar projects.

Knowing that it is a movie and not a reality he still finds it very realistic. Great for horror and tension films, danger and dark moods. Also perfect for strange and furious scenes, blood murder thriller, nightmares, dangerous dark backgrounds and much more.

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After getting bored from stupid comical movies and romantic movies people are moving towards horror movies for more entertainment. Also perfect for strange and furious scenes, thriller and nightmares backgrounds and more. Fits great for Halloween themes, horrors, thrillers, games, scary videos, investigations, superstitions, mysteries, ghosts, crime or horror series, etc.

Co ordination of the music along with the scenes has a major role in making the complete scene hit. Use of high tech gadgets is done to produce such kind of music. Great for horror and scary films, nightmares and furious scenes. Intimate chill out track with a beautiful combination of soft thunderstorm, electric piano, that sounds more like a musicbox and measured arpeggiator in the background. An action packed, energetic and high octane cinematic orchestral track with driving percussion for maximum impact.