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Stumbling on the staircase is said to be a good omen and may indicate a wedding in the household before long. And a wish made at this time is supposed to come true. Houses have either a warm and friendly atmosphere or one that is cold and depressing. It is lucky to wear a new item of clothing on Easter Day, as everything old and dirty should be renewed at the festival of Eastertide.

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Rabbits and hares were never mentioned at sea, as they were considered ill-omened words, and to meet one on the way to see was a very bad omen. The practice is particularly widespread in Japan, where cities, regions, and companies all have mascots, collectively known as yuru-chara. Cutting your own hair will tempt fate. The two identical switches, in a dulled orange, insinuate nipples. Written charms were also obtained from local wise-women or cunning-men to ward off evil, and concealed in the roof or under the floorboards.

He then set to work with such roughness that the Devil roared for mercy. Bee-stings were once thought to prevent rheumatism, and in some places a bee-sting was also thought to cure it. In the days of sail, an albatross flying round a ship in mid-ocean was an omen of wind and bad weather to come.

Wearing earrings and painting the lips were talismans to keep devils away. This stems from the belief that witches collect up the empty shells and use them to go to sea and work spells against hapless mariners.

Frogs were also used in love-magic. Robotics and Autonomous Systems. The dried body of a frog worn in a silk bag around the neck averted epilepsy and other fits. This witch could only be killed with a silver bullet.

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There are many English, Irish and Welsh tales of fairy cows who gave never-ending milk until their generosity was abused by some greedy human, causing a loss of the cow or her powers. Superstitious people probably don't kill spiders because it has been unlucky since a spider spun a web over baby Jesus to hide him from Herod. It was traditional to drive cattle over the embers of the Beltane and Midsummer fires, digital art and craft studio software as a magical protection against cattle plague and other diseases.

The handbook of artificial intelligence. They that wash on Wednesday, will get their clothes so clean. Sufferers from consumption were once advised to walk around a sheepfold many times a day, beginning early in the morning. Needs more examples and less generally obvious human-comparisons Please help improve this section if you can. If the first butterfly you see in the year is white, you will have good luck all year.


By owning a rabbit's foot as a talisman, you would have vital connections with many powerful forces. They feasted on special foods, and sometimes required sacrifices of food, beverage, and sacred objects to be made by human beings. Tolkien, Charles Williams and Their Friends. Ancient people thought this so remarkable that they ascribed magical powers to it. If they splutter and smoulder, it is said to be a death omen.

After serving Freya for seven years, the cats were rewarded by being turned into witches, disguised as black cats. Painting eggs red at Easter is seen as good luck, as it is the colour of blood and life. If one flies past you then watch out for someone is trying to deceive you.

The Oxford Handbook of Social Exclusion. It must, however, be allowed to fly away of its own accord, and must not be brushed off. They also believed it to be a symbol of friendship, and if any was spilled it was an omen of the end of a friendship.

If two males are seen sitting together this is a very good omen. Almada tram in smiley livery. Get out of bed the right side.

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In East Anglia, England, they used to mummify cats and place them in the walls of their homes to ward off evil spirits. Fifty of the crew staged a sit-down strike because they were unwilling to continue their unlucky voyage. It's bad luck to get married when the fish aren't biting, according to the custom of some fisherfolk. They were also believed to have close ties with their human owners and to be aware of human activities and festivals. She told me that it is a superstition there that if a bird poops on your car, it is good luck.

If sheep gnash their teeth somewhere else, it presages very bad weather. In Herbermann, Charles ed.

Point be up, and haft be down, While she gossips in the town. One legend says that the Devil called on St. If a stork builds a nest on your roof, you have received a blessing and a promise of never ending love from Venus.

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