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The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. You were there for every step! We learned from the past, so we are putting in a lot of effort to implement them in a sane way that is fast by default.

It provides every development and debug tool a web developer can ever dream of. This tool helped countless developers build sites used by millions of people worldwide.


Pros Simply unchallenged list of features. Newer Post Older Post Home. We were relatively small group and every single new feature we introduced was used by millions of people the next day. Was definitely a nice to have.

The Developer Toolbar just isn't good enough. The best development tool!

And also the reason for inspecting the elements will be explained later. However, it was not the first. At that time, the Firebug Working Group started and we all focused on building Firebug as well as the community around it. If your script stumbles across an a call to an undefined method, you'll be alerted within your console. Your contribution is very important.

Swiss-knife of the development team. To be more specific, setting a breakpoint in different ways is broken most of the time.

Saying Goodbye to Firebug

Install FireBug Addon for Firefox. The architecture is ready to support extensions.

Saying Goodbye to Firebug

The first Firebug piece I worked on was the Net panel. Firebug Lite for Google Chrome is basically the same you'll see when using the bookmarklet, or including a script tag in your page. Firebug has been always very popular project and many developers started working on Firebug features, fixing bugs and building extensions. This can happen when issues are found during the review of the extension or theme, and stream music for or the extension or theme has been abusing the terms and conditions for addons.

Block distracting websites when you are browsing the web. Enhance Your Media Experience. If you want the Cliff Notes version, we also have a demo page.

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This was a life changing tool. Or a higher edition of Visual Studio. We all wanted the awesomeness of Firebug to carry on, and we made it happen. Thank you and the rest of the Firebug contributors for the hard work on Firebug. Additionally, you can even tell which.

Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. Developers commonly do this because they no longer support the extension or theme, or have replaced it. Once you're in Visual Studio you basically have it's entire debugging arsenal at your disposal. Clicking on it will activate Firebug Lite for all pages in that domain and the icon will become orange. Behind the scenes we had lots of extra work to close a security hole in Firebug.

Simply unchallenged list of features. Firebug is always be my first love. It is very detailed and easy to understand. Change the way Firefox looks with themes. Anyone wanting to help the team behind them is welcome to do so.

Google Logo in this example is highlighted as shown below. Clippings Save frequently-entered text for pasting later. Have you ever been interested in what extensions are available for Firebug?

Grab your stuff while you still can. The story of Firefox and Firebug is synonymous with the rise of the web. Firefox dev tools seem pretty good feature wise but they lag and get slow when used in big projects. We were all using the same technology. Ensure that the FireBug options gets displayed as shown below.

Firebug Lite for Google Chrome FirebugThank you Firebug. You made the web amazing for all

Thank you Firebug. You made the web amazing for all

Always my preference tool. Life saver for me on many cases. Hats off to the contributors. The Firebug Lite activation scheme is very simple. Pros Just have to click in the page and firebug let us see what the code is.

Firebug Lite for Google Chrome Firebug

When I was a beginner, you were there at every step to help me learn development. One of the devs showed me Firebug so I could help fix small display issues.

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How To Install Firebug on IE Safari Chrome & Opera