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The procedure for taking over applies equally to the whole of the Works or to Sections, if used. The Engineer shall not instruct the omission of work for the purpose of the work being carried out by the Employer or another contractor. Any Notes for Guidance on the completion of the Appendix are to be found in the Notes to the Clauses concerned. The Contractor shall then demobilise from the Site. The Contractor should know who in the Employers organisation is authorised to speak and act for the Employer at any given time.

Fidic users guide a practical guide to the red and yellow books. In addition, the Engineer may apply this principle to any Variation by requiring the Contractor to submit quotations with time and cost effects for agreement prior to his issue of the Variation. Watermarked Compilation of all Collections English electronic version. If a Taking Over Certificate is issued prior to the Works or Section being fully complete, all or part of the retention may be withheld by the Engineer, holy quran tamil translation until the outstanding work has been completed.

Nevertheless, users will be able to introduce Particular Conditions if they wish to cater for special cases or circumstances. The liability of the Contractor for defects will not normally end with the expiry of the period stated in the Appendix. Programme The Contractor shall submit to the Engineer a programme for the Works within the time and in the form stated in the Appendix.

Following receipt from the Principal of a copy of each certificate, we shall promptly notify you of the revised guaranteed amount accordingly. The General Conditions and the Particular Conditions will together comprise the Conditions governing the rights and obligations of the Parties. Name and address of Beneficiary whom the Contract defines as the Employer. The advance payment shall be repaid by the Contractor by making a deduction from the net amount due under each interim payment certificate, as stated in the Appendix.


Finally, applicable Rules for Dispute Adjudication are also included. Words importing singular or one gender shall include plural or the other gender where the context requires.

Alternatively, the entire retention sum deducted is released after taking-over upon the provision by the Contractor of security. The Contractor has examined the documents listed in the Appendix which forms part of this Agreement and offers to execute the Works in conformity with the Contract for the sum of.


What allowance should the Contractor have made for bad weather and the resultant prolongation costs? The Sub-Clause is intended to prevent argument. Agreement The printed form envisages a simple procedure of offer and acceptance. Engineer means the person named in the Appendix, or other person appointed from time to time by the Employer and notified to the Contractor. The cost of remedying defects attributable to any other cause shall be valued as a Variation.

Such decision shall include reasons and state that it is given under these Rules. Limits on Engineers authority. The maximum liability of the Contractor to the Employer shall be limited as stated in the Appendix.

International Federation of Consulting Engineers

Dredgers Contract 2nd Ed (2016 Blue-Green Book)

It is assumed that payments will be in a single currency. Materials means things of all kinds other than Plant intended to form or forming part of the permanent work.

FIDIC Blue Green Book - Dredging & Reclamation Works

This should comprise the results of all investigations into the Site, both marine and land. The member agrees to act in accordance with the Rules and has disclosed to the Parties any previous or existing relationship with the Parties or others concerned with the Project.

This Sub-Clause enables the financial aspects of the Contract to be resolved quickly and without the necessity to await the completion of the Works by others. Arbitration may not be commenced unless the dispute has first been the subject of adjudication and a notice of dissatisfaction has been duly given. We have been informed that hereinafter called the Principal is your contractor under such Contract and wishes to receive an advance payment, for which the Contract requires him to obtain a guarantee. The Engineer shall check the Employers submission, consult the Parties, and if possible agree the amount of the Employers entitlement.

This means that if the Employer prefers the Contractors tendered solution, the Specification and Drawings should be amended before the Employer accepts the Offer. The Contractors entitlement to extension to the Time for Completion and additional payment under any such Variation shall be determined by any agreement under this Sub-Clause. For example, the Contractor could be asked to allow for wave-heights up to a year frequency.

The law of the Contract is stated in the Appendix. The Contractor shall submit to the Engineer a programme for the Works within the time and in the form stated in the Appendix. It is common practice for the amount of the performance security to be reduced pro rata to the value of Sections or parts taken over by the Employer. This is a single document combining both Offer and Acceptance reflecting the relatively straightforward nature of the projects envisaged. Where appropriate, the Appendix should also refer to the relevant section of the Specification, where these details can be given.

A review of the second edition of the FIDIC Blue Book

The Contractor shall be responsible for the adequacy, stability and safety of all operations and of all methods of construction. The Contractor shall submit revised programmes to the Engineer whenever reasonably required to do so by the Engineer. This limitation on liability will include damages for delay, indemnities etc. The Engineer may, at the sole discretion of the Employer, issue a Taking-Over Certificate for any completed part of the Works.

If the Employer requires an advance payment guarantee, an example form of such a guarantee is given in Annex C. If weather downtime is to be payable through the Bill of Quantities, the questions remain of programme and prolongation costs. The deduction of retention is sometimes replaced by the provision of security by the Contractor to the Employer. The Employer should set out his precise requirements in the Appendix.

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Dianna Louise Dela Guerra. The amount and a reference to the desired form of any required security should be set out in the Appendix. The General Conditions and the Particular Conditions will together comprise the Conditions governing the rights and obligations of the parties.

We have been informed that hereinafter called the Principal is your contractor under such Contract, which requires him to obtain a performance security. To assist in the preparation of tender documents using these Conditions, Notes for Guidance are included. The Employers costs in obtaining a replacement contractor will generally be higher than the Contractors loss of profit. Employers authorised person.

A review of the second edition of the FIDIC Blue Book

The Contractors position has been protected to prevent Variations being issued which could unfairly harm his trading position due to the nature of dredging and reclamation works. Except as specified or as agreed between the Parties, the Employer shall not occupy or use any part of the Works prior to the issue of a Taking-Over Certificate for that part of the Works. This is to prevent a party abusing a right to terminate in his dealings with the other party for the remainder of the project. However, local commercial practice often dictates the form. In either event, suitable text would be required in the Particular Conditions.

If a letter of acceptance is used, it should be given high priority, with or in place of the Agreement, for example. This Sub-Clause sets out alternative procedures for the valuation of Variations, to be applied in the order of priority given. The form is recommended for general use, though modifications may be required in some jurisdictions. If none, delete the reference in the Appendix. Responsibility for the Works, any Section or part taken over shall then pass to the Employer.