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While he doesn't reveal his encounter to the guys, he does tell her his real name. Billy finds room in his script for Eric's new client, Anna Faris, but Eric's dislike of the script will cause him to lose one of his clients. Turtle and Drama compete for a girl's attention, but she has different plans that involve both. Nearly broke, the guys return to Queens.

Billy's insecurities prevent Eric and Vince from seeing the first cut of Medellin. Even after Billy apologizes to him, Eric refuses to work with him again.

Turtle goes to Mexico with Alex, uncertain of her intentions, but goes along with it since he needs the money. To make matters worse, the Aquaman offer isn't yet official and Eric learns that Vince is no longer the frontrunner. Ashley grows increasingly suspicious of Eric. Scott Lavin continues to ingratiate himself with Vince following a wine-auction road trip, rankling Eric in the process. Ari learns that another Vince-hater Amanda Daniels will get the job as the studio head of Warner Bros.

Meanwhile, Drama skips a Vagina Monologues rehearsal to join Vince and the entourage at a wild party hosted by a sexy actress. The crew is back, and things start of just as they left us at the end of last season. John is the real life father of Nick Cassavetes, hotspot shield anchor software who plays the director in this episode. The episode ends with Ari pondering the offer.

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As Turtle begins his first day at college, Eric manages to fix things with Ashley, who then finds out that he hasn't been forthcoming. Taking a meeting with Melinda Clarke forces Eric to admit he's not over Sloan, but Melinda wanted more from Eric than just being his client. Turtle has problems with an ex-employee.

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Ari pays his respects at a funeral, and winds up getting offered the chance to head the movie studio Warner Bros. Was this review helpful to you? Although they've got their own problems, Eric, Ari, and Turtle join Drama, Scott, and Billy in staging an intervention for Vince, who has damaged his relationship with Sasha. Eric regrets the past when he has to get through yet another gate kept by Emily.

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Ari steals teen heartthrob Zac Efron from Adam Davies, so Davies offers Lloyd a job as an agent, which brings him into conflict with Ari. Vince gets another chance to star in Medellin if only Ari and producer Nick Rubenstein Adam Goldberg can broker the deal between Amanda and the studio by day's end. Turtle gains an unlikely partner in a new business venture. As Drama follows up on a tip about Vince's suspected stalker, Turtle gets some surprising news about the break-in.

Despite having Christina Aguilera appear at his wife's surprise party, Ari may be unable to save his marriage. Meanwhile, Ari gets shot down in the war room and fired after trying to steal agents and clients to start his own agency.

Unfortunately, while they are all at Vince's home, Drama, Turtle, Lloyd, Billy, and Alex discover how far Vince's drug habits have gone. Vince and the guys evaluate new opportunities with the help of Drama's point system.

Vince's behavior worries his new director. Eric attempts to smooth out tensions between Vince and Amanda, but they've already been relieved. Billy helps throw the right kind of welcome home party for Vince, and also makes Vince's bad idea into a good one, with Johnny starring in the project instead.

List of Entourage episodes

List of Entourage episodes

Ari and Lloyd engage in sabotage against a former assistant of Ari's who is now a rival agent so that Vince can get his next project. Ari Gold is back and is now the biggest agent in the world!

Vince continues the production of his new movie. Eric and Ari intervene, but there may be no stopping it. Eric struggles to convince Walsh to release an advance print of Queens Blvd. Turtle wants a pair of limited-edition shoes which Vince tries to buy for him. With Billy's help, he goes with an unconventional tactic to beat the test.

After inviting John Stamos to Vince's house to convince him to be his co-star, Drama makes a first impression that leaves something to be desired. Meanwhile, Drama grows over-excited about a co-star which later comes to backfire on him, and Turtle plays ambassador for Vince.

At long last, Ari and Terrance come to an agreement over his dismissal. Drama tries to get Andrew Dice Clay back on his show, and one of them now agrees with the other's point of view.

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Meanwhile as Drama's Lincoln Continental is being fixed at an auto-body shop, Turtle gets to know a girl who is every bit like himself - even under the eyes of her overbearing father. Ari squares off against Alan Gray in a golf game in an attempt to get a role for Vince, only to have Alan continue to be his usual angry and vindictive self. Eric and Vince have lunch with Ari, who suddenly hints that something they wanted to do may be back on the running.

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Ari tries to make deals with several high-profile celebrities to protect himself against Lizzie's plans. Luckily, agent Lizzie Grant Autumn Reeser is there to take some heat off of him, but indirectly lands him in more trouble. Vince is blinded by love, and Drama and Turtle use their paparazzi skills on an important spy mission to protect Vince. Vince and E receive news that Queens Boulevard will be receiving a nationwide release - but are not amused with proposed changes.

Ari mishandles a script and spends a night in jail. Drama also tries to land a role in an acclaimed Spanish filmmaker's next movie. Turtle gets freaked out during a night with Alex.