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Its emergence is the most striking unintended consequence of the Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen. The group has exploited sectarian grievances to brand their state-building project as a liberation movement. Al Qaeda now runs its own mini-state, flush with funds from raiding the local central bank and levying taxes at the local port. After a campaign of suicide bombings and attacks against the Yemeni government, and two foiled bomb plots on U. The boxes of supplies are sealed with the tape of a Western pharmaceutical company.

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The economic empire was described by more than a dozen diplomats, Yemeni security officials, tribal leaders and residents of Mukalla. Total said it has not restarted operations. After army forces withdrew from the area last year, armed local tribes linked to al Qaeda took charge. But despite thousands of aerial bombings, the Saudis and their Gulf allies have failed to push the Houthis from the capital Sanaa. The group regularly posts pictures of its fighters repairing damaged bridges and paving streets in Hadramout and other cities under its control.

The freed included Khaled Batarfi, a senior al Qaeda leader.

Tribal sources, residents and diplomats told Reuters the militants gained control of the ports in Mukalla and Ash Shihr when they first stormed the cities in April last year. The alternative to al Qaeda is much worse. It has focused on attacking the Houthis who have seized parts of northern Yemen and who are allied to Iran. The militants began imposing tax and custom tariffs on shippers and traders.

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The danger is that the group, which organised the Charlie Hebdo magazine attack in Paris last year and has repeatedly tried to down U. In the video, a bureaucrat is shown counting out wages for a worker from a bulging wad of Yemeni currency. The firms all said they refused to pay. In one video posted on Feb. Al Qaeda forces storm a town, plant their flags, and then watch as local leaders acquiesce.

The group has grabbed more territory along the Yemeni coast and regularly puts out photos and videos that paint it as a functioning administration. Riyadh is determined to deny bitter rival Iran sway over another Arab capital. Now the group has embarked on a brazen campaign to shake down state-owned firms, dating sites fayetteville ar including the national oil and mobile phone companies.

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