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ThinLinc supports redirection of sound, serial ports, disk drives, local printers, and Smart Card readers. Nepal College of Information Technology.

Oolite is an independent reinterpretation and ehancement of the classic space sim game Elite for modern computers. Download For more Computer Graphics Projects fill the leave a message form. Interactive computer graphics is the most important means of producing pictures since the invention of photography and television. This Computer Graphics project mainly consists of a bike and a robot. Third year projects minor.

In one of the wireframes you can see the paths the fish are swimming. The Mesh Viewer is an easy-to-use, lightweight application for displaying three dimensional models triangular meshes from a variety of file formats. Kathmandu Engineering College. The bike can be viewed in any direction and in any angle. For viewing, we make use of the mouse.

National College of Engineering. Lighting has been incorporated on only one side-Viewer side. The viewer can also slow up or slow down the Crank speed. Four ghosts roam the maze, trying to catch Pac-Man.

We modified this idea to include a blank position. Pulchowk Engineering Campus. ThinLinc is a fast and versatile remote desktop solution. Hopefully there is some useful code inside, in any case you are free to use it. Gandaki College of Engineering and Science.


Shoot down enemy bombers threatening your city. You were allowed to do whatever you want as long as it was a basic world with the dinosaur in place. Pokhara Engineering College.

Disappearing is highlighted by drawing the target hit by the player using white color which appears as a hole. When all dots are eaten, Pac-Man game is over. An only platform to validate your project idea and share your project works. The position of a drop is pretty easy to compute if we know, how much time has passed since the drop has leaved the fountain. Clients are available for a wide variety of platforms.

Notice that originally I had two birds in the scene. What project are you looking for?

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The viewer is allowed to roam around in the parking area and see the cars closely and to drive a car and park it in the car park area. The source of the project itself is published because it contains lots of useful algorithms and techniques. The parking area is surrounded by a number of houses. It is aimed to create starts and planets and give constant motion to these objects. Build Community and Credentials.

The model is lighted by multiple light sources. Loaded models can be rotated, translated, and scaled all done with the mouse.

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When all lives have been lost, sochain gay tumhian pyar mp3 the game ends. Nepal Engineering College.

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If a ghost touches Pac-Man, a life is lost. Advance College of Engineering and Management. Kantipur Engineering College. Himalaya College of Engineering.

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This now increases level of difficulty as only the tiles adjacent to the blank position can now be translated, unlike the Puzzle Slider game. Organization and Management. This game needs good vision and good concentration. The bike is ridden on a polygonal surface, which looks like a giant rectangular mesh.

The bike is accelerated and its movements are controlled using the keyboard. Because of tight deadlines not everything is as I wished but I was pretty happy about most of it. Would you like to proceed? Khwopa Engineering College.