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When the Mystery Box opens and you see the guns flipping and changing. Everything is good about it, the gameplay, the graphics, the controls. There is the sawed-off shotgun. Go on the right side of it. Double Tap does anyone know what it does?

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While the game is limited to one survival map at the moment, it's hard not to be impressed with the overall adaptation to the iPhone, especially with online Co-op play. Seamless online play and intense action make this an instant iPhone classic. To do this you will have to start a single player game of zombies on the map nacht der untoten on your iphone or ipod touch.

Hug the far wall and stay there. Remember when you open up the mystery box look for the first gun you see in the box and then wait for it to get the weapon I told you would pop up. Once you go back in the app go to the right and you are out. First you must be with another player or you'll just die.

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The only thing that is a big issue for me is the button placement. Aim so you can see the tube but are not aiming at it. Go see what is your final gun.


Once you do, go to any door on any map and see how much points you need to open it. Get clear debris on stairs then go up and you will see a cabinet when you walk up to it it will say open cabinet open it and there will be a flamethrower. Photo Credits keyboard image by Fyerne from Fotolia. Then keep moving towards the wall while plugging and unplugging charger.

Start a new game with someone else either bluetooth or anything else as long as it's not single player. Then get that many points or higher. Near some wall debris use the knife near a black box, and a recording starts to play. First you unlock the door with the double barreled shotgun then the next room.

This should be done before the first guns appear. Then your ally should be coming to revive you most of the time.

It should give you a flamethrower. Become the top zombie slayer and prove your standings to the world! You may do either single or multi player, however you need to die once so if you play co-op play with someone who knows your trying to glitch such as a friend. To exit, do the same thing as you did to get in.

Once you reach the teleporter, turn right and go through the door and down the stairs. Turn around and camp where the grenades are to kill the zombies easily and get to high levels. Zombies wont know where you are unless you go up to the bent fence. By Metascore By user score. You can buy some old weapons which are really good and fight zombies, but when you go in co-op it's laggy, so I recommend this game only for single player!

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You can run around if you manage it unlocking all the doors or riding in the teleporters I think five times in one game? Neither of those are required but they get you through faster. Then go all the way to your left and there will be a corner and then go normally into the glitch to get behind the mystery box. To find all the latest cheats, guides, hints and tips, visit CheatCodes. After that, go to the mystery box and use it.

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Get a machine gun or ray gun and get all the zombies in a pack and run away and shoot them until they get to close or you have to reload get farther away and shoot them. This usually works better for co op. First earn enouggh points to open the stairs and open one either one. Now, go to the Mystery Box where it starts off and buy a gun. This is a hint for the mystery box.

Zombies will run right up in front of you, but will not see you and will go around in circles. All you have to do now is use the flamethrower at the same time you upgrade your flamethrower. Zombies will swarm in the Bowie knife area, not attacking you. Once there, unplug your charger and plug it back in. Either use the glitch where one guy stands on top of that hole where the Quick Revive is, and get as close as possible to the hole and touch the side wall.

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Here is a list of the guns I know you can get when you open the mystery box. It never needs to cool down or reload! This is very fidgitty, and I found it helps to play music and also quit the app while walking in the corner and resuming the game. Continue until you reach the end.

When you first start out you need to turn the power on. Once you have enough points buy the shot gun in the first room on the second floor, I advise to make a crawler then go, which should be at the end of the room on the opposite side to the right. Your reward is a flamethrower with unlimited ammo. The other one will get you on top of the building and you do the same thing that you did to get to the rafters then your there.

Zombies features a full list of unique Achievements. Fighting zombies, for sure, It's fun and making strategy is great, but It's overrated, still it is good. For the first two rounds, house plans india shoot the zombies twice and then knife them.

The other person do the same thing but fall down the hole instead. Perfect for getting your other gun Pack a Punch'ed! Go back to the last teleporter room, go up the stairs, take a left and go all the way to the a. You should be in the wall, and they should walk at least up to the pole unable to get you.