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It starts with a revving engine, before cascading into a frenzy of harmonies, synthesizers, and the most direct chorus of all time. Jim Morrison said that all Doors songs are about love, death, and travel. Like the Dead, the Allmans had a lot of songs about the road. Props to James Murphy for taking the motorik template, adding some Steve Reich-ian phased piano and delivering this piece of post-modern schmaltz, as sentimental as it is propulsive. When feeling bad feels good, time to get in the car and drive.

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In Australia, kangaroos are apparently the most notorious dusk-time driving hazard. This song by Portland, Oregon troubadour Jackson Boone was made for summer road-tripping. The game will only include the Inkwell Isle One section.

The songs are chosen not only because of their lyrical fidelity, but because of the emotional response they illicit. And, per tradition, utorrent movie sites you will also jam out to a road-trip mix of proper driving songs. The Dead certainly had more famous travel songs but none as groovy as this one.

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The best song on Kanye's best album. No song better encapsulates the ephemeral joy and longing of road travel.

Escapism as psychic therapy. Sometimes you get in the car with someone and have no idea where you're going but you're on your way together and that's all that matters. Apologies to John Denver, but Toots did it better. Like driving your car in reverse to take off excess mileage.

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Does wearing massive amounts of guyliner makes you impervious to bodily harm? Jonathan Zwickel lives and writes in Seattle. But will they be worthy of the Cadillac V-Series badge? The track is jazz fusion at its finest, featuring a steady Latin beat and Miller taking the lead vocals. Feel free to roll down the window and stick out your arm to make a wing one at a time, please.

Put simply, he goes completely nuts. That mournful saxophone is the sound of your lonesome heart as you hurtle through the night into the distant unknown. Simply put, this is the best driving song ever recorded. Anyone who spends enough time driving around this beautiful, bewildering country learns that interstate travel is low-key a path to enlightenment. Audi's answer to the Mercedes-Maybach is taking shape.

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Nonetheless, the infamous bass line is unforgettable. Meditative as the world flows by your car window like an endless river.

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This song is one of her most motivational. Why exactly does Gary Numan feel so safe in his car? Words to drive by, written by Woody Guthrie and sung by Sharon Jones.

One of the richest and most rewarding chord progressions ever recorded feels exactly like upward motion. From the same gospel source material as Dizzie, George Clinton recorded the anthem that launched a thousand samples.

You may not be able to buy this stuff yet, but it's fun to gawk! What better way to celebrate driving than with a song about road rage? Made famous by a slew of German bands in the s, this kind of music is called motorik for a reason. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email.

When Wilco ascended to the throne of high-minded dad rock, Jeff Tweedy was kind of a jerk. Mobile The best Android apps turn your phone into a jack-of-all-trades Choosing which apps to download is tricky, especially given how enormous and cluttered the Google Play Store has become. Robyn is the queen of self-empowerment. If this slick disco-folk jam doesn't inspire quick escape to the great beyond, you should probably examine your priorities.

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Not every track on this list is an obvious choice, although many are. Gillespie Only Dizzie Gillespie can get away with bastardizing a gospel hymn with a brand name. Including this one, irresistible on the blacktop whether you're an actual fugitive or not. Wherever you go, there you are. Time to rethink your itinerary.

Smart drums and even smarter bike gadgets Check out our roundup of the best new crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the web this week. He's having fun here and it's infectious. Ten points to the first person to spot a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac.

James Brown storms an insurance agency in Augusta, Georgia with a shotgun, claiming he's being followed by invisible enemies. The song encompasses a one-night stand with promiscuous woman, one Prince urges to slow down before she destroys herself.

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Here's a toast to the assholes! Only Dizzie Gillespie can get away with bastardizing a gospel hymn with a brand name. Much like the former Prince hit, Drive My Car is really a euphemism for sex. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share.