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Perry has to travel through three areas of Alternate Danville to rescue his fellow agents, avoiding the Normpatrol Robots scattered throughout the premises. Play Agent-P Strikes Back, you will find an exciting adventure. The hero must collect gold and silver fins and look for portable cages, softwares collection where prisoners languish in the game Agent-P Strikes Back.

These power ups fills up the lost life meter. Perry The Platypus Snowboarding. Perry the Platypus has to win another battle against the evil Dr.

But ultimately he does dies. Phineas and Ferb hidden object.

Agent-P Strikes Back Game - F5 Game

You have to locate and free other agents as you fight various robotic guards and Platyborg villain at the end of each round. By continuing to browse the site, you agree to our use of cookies. Rescuing the agents is mandatory since they can open up locked passageways when freed. Explore this strange and unfriendly world following Major Monogram's instructions. Run, climb, jump, and learn some neat tricks which can help you to overcome the obstacles in your way!

In addition, the hero at the initial stage will be accompanied by a holographic image of his commander. Once Perry reaches the end of a level, Platyborg stops him, and the two duel with Alternate Doofenshmirtz observing the fight. And now it's time for Perry to embark on a new mission. For any questions or issues, please Contact Us.

Phineas and Ferb - Agent P Strikes Back

Phineas and Ferb Hidden Stars. He is the only one who remained in the whole organization, with the help of a new super machine transferred the rest of the villain agents to the second dimension. These tokens give you points to score.

Get Agent P Strikes Back here. The game window resolution has been optimized for best visual performance, having the width of px and the height of px.

Besides collecting these power ups you can also collect tokens. In case you need the weapon again, just pass by the weapon. Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs. You have to avoid them by jumping. Also press up arrow twice to jump higher.

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Phineas and Ferb in a submarine. Brave Agent P is ready to go! Perry invites you to join him for the secret mission! Collecting all is entirely optional, but it helps to get a high score in the level.

It's a dangerous and strange world, and none of Perry's friends is feeling familiar with. Again press space bar to fire. He will give detailed instructions in each case, but this is only the beginning, then you need to act independently, as well as the agent.

Perry can also collect Platypus Tokens scattered throughout the level. But fighting against the robotic guards, does reduces your life meter. In the end, Perry defeats his alternate self and continues to the next area.

No one knows, but Perry is living a double life! Press Down Arrow key to drop the weapon. Agent P must free the other captured agents in the Second Dimension. He's also known as Agent P, an agent of O.

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The storyline follows Perry in Alternate Danville. Ever felt jealous about the life of a secret agent? In the game Agent-P Strikes Back you have to help the famous agent Pi-Perry the platypus, to fulfill the most important mission.

Game Agent-P Strikes Back online

We have to go a long distance, to fight with the huge robots that Dr. Phineas and Ferb - Monster Hunters. His boss, the Major Monogram, have sent him there to rescue the agents. Please try one of the related games instead. They will help you to unlock the doors so you can go further.

It is not compulsory to collect all the tokens, but collecting them gets you to high scores. Phineas and Ferb Kick Perry. Play Agent P Strikes Back.

Agent P Strikes Back game

Game Agent-P Strikes Back online

Also you have to fight multiple robotic guards. In the same way, Perry will follow his colleagues and with your help try to free them. The list of authors can be seen in the page revision history view authors.

First, you need to wait for the page loading to complete to see the Allow button. There are various locked passageways in each stage, and freeing agents opens up these locked passageways.

Fufel stuffed all the space. Would you try it on if you had a chance?

Game Agent-P Strikes Back online. You have to gather all the tokens and find all the missing agents.

Dexterity and skill to Agent Pi is not to be taken, but with you he will act more confidently and faster, knowing that behind his back is a reliable assistant and friend. The goal of the game is to rescue three agents in each level and defeat Platyborg at the end of the level. You can use this arm to fire on the guard.