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Glossary of wildfire terms List of wildfires. All ladders are type one tested by Underwriters Laboratory. Buckets are usually filled by submerging or dipping them in lakes, rivers, reservoirs, or portable tanks. Both men were accomplished professionals, as well as skilled airmen.

Fire department List of fire departments Fire lookout tower Fire station. Neptune Aviation also currently operates converted British Aerospace jetliners as air tankers.

Aerial Fire Apparatus

Simple, precise ladder control. Both of these aircraft can be fitted with floats that scoop water from the surface of a body of water. Mike Watson Fleet Helicopters.

Carl Mattheis Baker Aircraft. Jim Ryan Truenorth Helicopters. Air attack is an industry term used for the actual application of aerial resources, both fixed-wing and rotorcraft, on a fire. Aerial firefighting Wildland fire suppression Aviation.

Barnes said that after the incident a City of Chico truck hauled away large chunks of metal that looked to him like they came from a jet engine. National Transportation Safety Board. Data collected from through is not sufficient to provide statistically defensible analysis and results. Ladder Slide The handy ladder slide stows ladders securely out of your way until they're needed. Toyne Tailored Storage maximizes space on your apparatus with customized storage options including full-depth compartments, adjustable shelving and hinged boards.

The file names for a few of the photos mention Saigon. This is particularly useful in rural areas where flying back to an airbase for refills may take too much time. Some water-dropping aircraft carry tanks of a guar gum derivative to thicken the water and reduce runoff.

The Lead Plane function directs the activities of the airtankers by both verbal target descriptions and by physically leading the airtankers on the drop run. One piece of metal crashed through the rear window of a car, while other shrapnel was found in city streets. The yellow has hardly faded. Water is usually dropped directly on flames because its effect is short-lived.

Our trucks are prepped, the paint color of your choice is mixed, and the paint is applied to produce the finished, painted product. Canadian American Strategic Review. Add in the many volt electrical systems options available as necessary to round out your apparatus. For accident and grounding citations, see paragraph below table. The compartments can be finished in either a natural Aluminum or Zolatone coating.

Aerial firefighting

And since our apparatus are individually built and customized specifically for each of our customers, sky is the limit as far as choices. The fact that the engine failed that day was well known, especially since hot debris falling from the aircraft started seven fires within a five-mile radius of the airport. Customized Storage Compartments. The most popular of the buckets is the flexible Bambi Bucket.

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Articulating boom platforms are useful when the boom must reach up and over obstacles. Forestry tools and equipment. Corrosion-Resistant Outriggers. Whether you need to reach a roof or want high hose support, our ladder trucks provides solid wheelbase, allowing for flexibility and quick reaction.

Aerial Rack Cards

Aerial firefighting is most effectively used in conjunction with ground-based efforts, as aircraft are only one weapon in the firefighting arsenal. Contact Alexis today to learn more about these and the many other options available on your next Alexis Aerial. When compared to aerial ladders, platforms provide a larger working area and generally have greater weight capacity. Platforms also are useful for firefighting duties when more than one master stream is needed, where can i sims 2 expansion packs for or when heavy or bulky equipment must be transported to an upper portion of a structure.

With a variety of ladder sizes and types, we are able to offer the right ladder for the job, allowing you to focus your attention on the tasks at hand. Aerial firefighting is the use of aircraft and other aerial resources to combat wildfires. Alexis Fire Equipment Company. Platforms are equipped with automatic overload protection allowing elevation and retraction of the aerial only when in a compromising configuration.

Screengrab from the video below. Fire retardants are typically dropped ahead of the moving fire or along its edge and may remain effective for two or more days. All compartments are seam welded for added strength and to resist water intrusion. One of the firefighters was injured while suppressing the fires.

We provide fire-fighting buckets to both private operators and government agencies. The doors are controlled based on the area to be covered and wind conditions. Jeff Babcock and Eric Benson were long-time residents of Alaska and are well-known throughout the state. Our primary bucket has sat outside every summer since and the bag is still in great shape. Some helitankers, such as the Erickson AirCrane, are also outfitted with a front-mounted foam cannon.

Aerial Firefighting Use and Effectiveness (AFUE)Aerial Fire Trucks - Alexis Fire Equipment

The valve is very reliable and precise as well. Hosebed Toyne's convenient hosebed lets you easily tuck it away until the next call. Tanks can be filled on the ground by water tenders or truck-mounted systems or water can be siphoned from lakes, rivers, reservoirs, or a portable tank through a hanging snorkel. Marines also maintain fleets of firefighting aircraft. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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After a protest, both Large and Very Large Air Tanker vendors were then allowed to submit bids for this contract. An unreliable bucket can cost you a lot of money when you are stuck on the ground trying to fix it. All New Deliveries New Delivery.

Download Product Lineup Brochure. They can fill in very shallow water sources. Whether your department is in need of a platform, stick or ladder truck, depend on Alexis Fire Equipment to build you exactly what you want and need to get the job done. Helicopters can hover over the fire and drop water or retardant. Dennis Smith Windward Aviation, Maui.

They are fast to fill and set up. Britt Coulson further explained the aircraft will be able to retain the current seat and galley configuration for tanker operations. Various aircraft have been used over the years for firefighting.